‘Anything we can define distinguishes itself instantly
from the productive spirit and is opposed’
Paul Valéry


a touring exhibition
of small works
by international artists

Although I have curated quite a few exhibitions, I am first and foremost an artist, and not a curator. This exhibition is a very personal project. The work I have included, is by artists whose work and progress, I am always keen to see. I think there is a lot of truth, in Robert Motherwell's quote, 'every intelligent painter, carries the whole culture of modern painting in his head. It is his real subject, of which everything he paints, is both a homage and critique.' To a greater or lesser extent, the artists in this exhibition, have been inspirational for me, or sometimes, it is just as Emerson said, 'in every work of genius, we recognise our own rejected thoughts'.

One of the common threads, through the work of these artists, for me, is a sensitivity for materials, and for the quality of line. Most of the artists here, also blur the distinction between painting and sculpture. Their sculptures can be quite painterly, and there is a subtle tactile element even to their works on paper. The other thing that interests me, is that, it is often hard to pin down exactly, what the works are about (if that is what one is inclined to do). There is an inherent ambiguity, in lots of the work, a vague open-endedness. Also, the scale, that these artists often work on, is intimate and personal. The works are memorable rather than monumental, suggestive rather than didactic, playful rather than strict. Where there is order, it is often subverted and generally an air of gentle irreverence prevails. Ultimately though, the thing that draws these works together, for me, is that, they are made with the attentiveness, and care, that comes from a labour of love.

David Quinn, 2023

9 July to August, 2023
in Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen

10 February to 27 April, 2024
in Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda

15 June to 30 July, 2024
in Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford

17 January to 15 March  2025
in The Levinsky Gallery, The Arts Institute, University of Plymouth, Plymouth

charlie brady -
niamh clarke  -
hiroyuki hamada -
vincent hawkins -
tjibbe hooghiemstra -
jamie mills -
janet mullarney  -
helen o’leary  -
david quinn  - 
seamus quinn -
sean sullivan  -
john van oers  -